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Who We Are

We are a self-motivated group of Red Bank, Tennessee, residents united by our mission to permanently protect all 12 acres of the old Red Bank Middle School property in public ownership, as a central community treasure for the common good.  We are challenged by some short-sighted city leadership who are inclined to sell this irreplaceable public asset for private development and an ephemeral cash windfall to the city budget.  We are working to promote the idea that a first-class Red Bank Central Park could be the community anchor that revitalizes our town's energy, culture and economy.

Save Red Bank Central Park is an informal, not-for-profit citizens group.  We are not incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


Why We Care

Our small town has only 0.87% of our land area in developed public parks, pitifully short of the 9.3% national median for city park acreage.  Red Bank has no large central public park capable of (1) supporting town festivals, markets or celebrations, nor (2) attracting and convening the people day-to-day to relax, mingle, and recreate together.  The 12-acre site of the anticipated Red Bank Central Park is the very last opportunity in our tiny landlocked town to develop a 1st-class central commons that lifts the people and our city.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is to create a vigorous public awareness campaign that fosters an informed, visionary and energized citizenry to engage and encourage decision makers to act for the common good.

Our Objectives 

  1.  Create a comprehensive repository of facts and reference materials at           SaveRedBankCentralPark.Org;

  2.  Gather, analyze and present the facts, data, resources, and perspectives;

  3.  Raise public awareness with signage, social media, advertisement, live             events, and other visible techniques; and

  4.  Mobilize and inform park friends and users to be heard and seen                         throughout every step of the upcoming civic decision-making process. 

Our Larger Vision
toward a better Red Bank

A large, 1st-class Red Bank Central Park can be

the economic engine

that attracts and empowers private reinvestment

to lift the Red Bank Renaissance District.

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