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C-2 Zoning Ordinance
Red Bank, Tennessee

C-2 Zone (in dark blue)
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Red Bank, TN Zoning Ordinance

Zone C-2

The Central Business District of Red Bank, Tennessee is zoned C-2, which is specifically tailored to that core area of our town.  The zone lies along the Dayton Boulevard commercial corridor from Woodrow Avenue south to East and West Newberry Streets, and along Morrison Springs Road to Highway 27.  The C-2 zone also includes all of the old Red Bank Middle School property at 3715 Dayton Boulevard. 


The zoning ordinance language for the C-2 zone follows (as excerpted from the Zoning Ordinance section of the City of Red Bank's website):



SECTION 14-404.  C-2 Commercial Zone (Central Business District)

404.01  Intent

It is the intent of the C-2 Commercial Zone to

(A)          Function as the Central Business District for the City of Red Bank;

(B)          Promote a mix of retail, service, civic and related uses that enhance the character of the Central Business District as a pedestrian-friendly town center where people come to shop, dine, work, and gather;

(C)          Create pedestrian-oriented development that connects businesses with the sidewalk and contributes to a continuous commercial frontage of a size and scale that is compatible with a small town;

(D)          Encourage mixed-use development and residential development that enhances the character of the Central Business District;

(E)           Ensure that uses are compatible with surrounding neighborhoods;

(F)           Discourage uses that cater exclusively to automobile-oriented customers; and

(G)         Ensure that new development meets the intent of the Red Bank Design Review Standards.


The Location(s) of C-2 Central Business District of properties are as shown on the official zoning map for the City of Red Bank.


404.02  Permitted Uses

(A)          Banks

(B)          Barber/Beauty shops

(C)          Studios and Galleries

(D)          Restaurants and Delicatessens

(E)           Theaters

(F)           Shoe, musical instrument, jewelry repair and similar uses

(G)          Retail sales

(H)          Florists

(I)            Schools, churches and other public and semi-public buildings

(J)           Plumbing, electrical, radio, TV workshops provided no more than five (5) persons are employed and that all related trucks and equipment are stored at the rear of the building, not visible from Dayton Blvd.

(K)          Signs advertising goods and services provided on premises subject to height, setback and size limitations provided by Ordinance of this City

(L)           Bakeries whose products are sold retail and on the premises

(M)         Office buildings

(N)          Small printer shops, except that the gross floor area shall not exceed 2,000 square feet

(O)          Residential uses when part of a mixed-use commercial development, with only office and\or commercial uses on the ground floor.

(P)          Accessory uses and uses customarily incident to the above uses

(Q)          Medical offices and clinics

(R)          Veterinary offices with no outdoor run areas

(S)           Single-family detached dwellings, except manufactured homes, but to include short term residential rental units, subject to certification and issuance and maintenance of current short term residential rental permit and/or certification as otherwise provided by in Title 9, Chapter 16, Section 101, et seq., of the Red Bank City Code.

(T)           Micro-breweries and/or brew pubs, where beer, as otherwise defined and regulated in the Red Bank City Code and subject to all licensing and distance requirements thereof, is manufactured and distributed at wholesale and/or retail in a combined restaurant/brewery/microbrewery/tavern setting.  Provided that a Special Use Permit issued or withheld pursuant to the standards and requirements set out in Section 4.01.01 of the Red Bank City Code shall be precondition if the microbrewery or brew pub use shall abut a residential zone.  A micro-brewery and/or brew pub shall be defined as a business, occupying building space of 5.000 square feet or less of, where beer, as otherwise defined or regulated in Title 8 of the Red Bank City Code is brewed or manufactured for sale at retail or wholesale for off-premises consumption only, but where a tasting room with complementary sampling of such on-site produced beer is otherwise permitted as an accessory use.

(U)          Uses that are, in the judgment of the Board of Commissioners, deemed to be similar in character and impact to the above and meet the intent of this zone.

(V)          Taverns, wine and cocktail bars, brew pubs, micro-breweries and similar uses

(W)         Limited Fuel Service Facility, subject to limiting conditions:

       1.            Appropriate sight and vegetative screening from adjacent residential zoned properties as required by the screening regulations set for the in Chapter IX of the Zoning Ordinance;

       2.            Downward focused lighting with shading and screening of same as otherwise visible from adjoining properties and roadways, but subject to the Design Review requirements of the Zoning Ordinance;

       3.            Fuel and limited automotive ancillary products only to be sold from premises, no other vehicular services or repair of any kind permitted;

       4.            No more than four (4) Multi Product Dispenser (MDP) fueling positions permitted on the premises;

       5.            No more than one (1) self-contained retail kiosk with a maximum of 300 square feet permitted on the premises and the kiosk shall be contained under the canopy or cover provided for the fueling positions;

       6.            Any ancillary/rental buildings located on the property shall be utilized for non-related commercial retail uses as otherwise permitted for the C-2 zone except that convenience store, grocery store type uses shall not be permitted;

       7.            No outdoor storage or display of retail merchandise, vending machines, or other products are permitted on the premises;

       8.            No flashing signs and with all signs limited to 50,000 lumens per acre or less visible off or adjacent to premises; adhere to all other requirements of sign ordinance;

       9.            On premises buildings limited to 20 feet or less in height; canopy or cover for fuel pumps shall not be greater than 25 feet above grade and set back at least 25 feet from rights of way and all adjoining property lines;

       10.          Site plan and final design subject to the Design Review requirements of Chapter X of the Zoning Ordinance.

(X)          Outdoor display, storage or sale of merchandise between 8:00 a.m. and 8 :00 p.m. and provided further that any such display, storage or sale shall not occupy more than 33 1/3% of the frontage space of the outdoor street facing facade of the building itself nor more than 33 1/3%, of any area between the front facade of the building and the public right-of-way and may not obstruct the entrance to the building to pedestrian traffic or otherwise interfere with the required minimum number of off street parking spaces available for the premises as otherwise provided.  Permitted uses exempt from outdoor storage requirements in this Section include

       1)            Grocery stores;

       2)            Hardware stores; Home Improvement Stores;

       3)            Uses similar to the above in character and impact;


404.03  Prohibited Uses

(A)          Adult oriented establishments, not limited to, but including night club and other late night entertainment establishments

(B)          Warehouses, storage facilities, mini-warehouses, indoor or outdoor storage facilities, climate controlled storage facilities, or any other sort of commercial storage or warehousing facility or usage

(C)          Mobile home parks

(D)          Outdoor amusement facilities

(E)           Drug, alcohol or correctional halfway houses, drug or alcohol rehabilitation centers or any similar use

(F)           Funeral homes, crematories or related uses

(G)          Car washes

(H)          New or used automobile, boat, farm equipment, motorcycle, recreational vehicle sales or dealerships or uses similar in character

(I)            Reserved

(J)           Alternative Financial Services

(K)          In general, any use not in keeping with the character and intent of this zone, i.e. uses expressly permitted in any other zoning district unless also expressly permitted in this zoning district, any industrial uses


404.04  Height and area regulations

(A)          No building shall exceed in height the shortest distance from such building to the nearest boundary of a residential zone or the M-1 Zone.

(B)          There shall be no minimum front yard requirement.

(C)          There shall be a minimum side yard requirement of not less than ten (10) feet where a permitted use adjoins a residential zone or the M-1 Zone.

(D)          There shall be a rear yard of not less than twenty-five (25) feet where a permitted use adjoins a residential zone.


404.05  Off-street parking regulations

See Section 14-406, Minimum Off-Street Parking and Loading Space Regulations


404.06  Screening Requirements

See Chapter IX, Screening Regulations.


404.07  Design Review Requirements

See Chapter X, Design Review Requirements.

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