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Frequently Asked Questions

1.         Doesn’t Red Bank already have enough parks?


2.         How would Red Bank Central Park be beneficial to the city?


3.         How can Red Bank afford to develop the park?


4.         What is the land swap?


5.         Why is Red Bank out of compliance with the federal government?


6.         Why hasn’t Red Bank fulfilled its land swap obligation?


7.         What does “out of compliance” mean?


8.         Why can’t Red Bank just pay back the $73,675.92 and be done with the NPS?


9.         What is the “bait-and-switch” I’ve heard about, and why does it matter for                  the old middle school property?


10.       Why would the City want to sell such an important public asset for private                 profit?


11.       Why is selling the old middle school property such a bad idea?


12.       Won’t all the money from selling the old middle school site be good for the                 city budget?


13.       How can Red Bank get more good restaurants and shops, if we don't sell                     and develop the old middle school site?


14.       Can we compromise, with some mix of development and public green                       space at the old middle school site?


15.       Is this debate just about the old middle school property?  Or should it be                     bigger?


16.       Wouldn’t a public town center like Cambridge Square be a good mixed-use             development at the old middle school site?


17.       Is there a better way, so Red Bank can have it BOTH ways?


18.       Why did this “Save Red Bank Central Park” group form?


19.       What is the GoFundMe campaign for?

20.       Won’t new retail space at the old middle school site be good for the city?


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