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Planning for Red Bank's Future

Insights into the desires of Red Bank citizens and plans of Red Bank officials in the recent past.


Red Bank "Focus on the Future" – Strategic Agenda, 2003

The Red Bank Plan:  2035  (published 2013)

Red Bank Focus on the Future 2003 cover image.png
Red Bank Plan 2035 cover image.png

March 2022 Update:

The City of Red Bank is launching a new city-wide strategic planning process, beginning March 29, 2022. 


This multi-step process will be led by a hired consulting group, is expected to solicit extensive citizen input, and may take a year or more to complete.  The new process and its products will supersede the two previous (2003 and 2013) plans that now are out of date.  Expected outcomes include updated visions, goals and objectives for the entire city as well as for the old Red Bank middle school site.

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