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Now it's Your Turn ... Share Your Visions for Red Bank Central Park!

By Don McKenzie; January 29, 2023

Our community has heard a lot from me about saving Red Bank Central Park. And I have heard a lot from so many of you, who share with me your vision and sense of excitement about an epic 12-acre park at the former high/middle school property.

But, it seems that you, the people who want a more vibrant Red Bank, may not have heard enough thoughtful commentary from each other. And for certain, city leaders have not heard enough from you.

Our Challenge

Consequently, some city leaders continue to claim that only a few people want the Park; or that Red Bank already has plenty of parks. A few city leaders think a nice park is just an expensive luxury, or that property tax revenue is top priority.

Some skeptical citizens think an epic park is just a pipe dream, an out-of-reach extravagance for a small conservative town that is used to settling for the bare minimum. Some residents just do not yet visualize how uplifting and broadly transformative a first-class public park in the center of town could be to our community and quality of life.

Our Response

The folks who have been providing the horsepower behind the Save Red Bank Central Park citizen movement believe it is time to amp up the thoughtful conversation among more and more people. The Red Bank Board of Commissioners, the Planning Commission, the City Manager – and all our fellow citizens – need to hear more constructive commentary about the importance of parks and recreation, and about The Park.

We invite you to share your views in this space -- about how Red Bank Central Park could affect quality of life, entertainment, small businesses, outdoor recreation, the central business district, cultural vibrancy, beautification, nature, community gatherings, festivals, commercial properties, even city revenues. There can be so much more to Red Bank than a bedroom community with big parking lots!

Jane and I recently returned from the Alabama coast, where we noted the motto of Gulf Shores: “Small town, Big beach” … four little words with a big punch. How might Red Bank’s potential essence be described in a new motto, if we can agree to stop settling for the bare minimum, and begin striving to make our town the best and coolest it can be?

How it Works

We are creating this open blog space for hosting your essays offering personal perspectives, commentaries, experiences, and dreams about how an epic Red Bank Central Park may affect your life and our town. We will share new essays on our Save Red Bank Central Park Facebook page, and various other Red Bank social media platforms, and then archive them on this website (, where all essays can be viewed at any time later.

Contact us for more information, or to submit your essays by email at .

Aim for about 500 words in your essay, with a picture if desired. We reserve the right to moderate contributions to ensure constructive community dialogue, and to edit gently for clarity.

See you Soon!

Thank you, in advance, for being part of the solution, as a visionary and engaged Red Bank citizen!

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1 Comment

Jamie Nelson
Jamie Nelson
Jan 31, 2023

Great idea, Don! I'll start working on my "Ode to Green Space".

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